Christian Bale Talks About THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Prepare yourselves, Bat-fans: Yahoo! has a brand new interview with Christian Bale in which the actor gives some new insights into playing Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

As usual with these sorts of interview pieces I recommend that you go read the original article, but I'll pull out some interesting snippets from the conversation. Here...we...go.

On being in the summer's most anticipated movie:

Well, I feel that as actors, we’ve done our work. The pressure is on Chris Nolan. But I have to say, I always approach every movie as if no one is ever going to see it, (laughs). It’s better because you don’t get self-conscious about it, and think about things like, ‘What are people going to think?’ I usually just go, ‘I don’t think anyone is going to see it, so do what you think is right and what you think is right for other people.’

On what he expects the legacy of this Batman series to be:

For me, time will tell with that. And for myself as well, I feel like you sit back and digest it. You watch it with new eyes for the first time, you watch it a few times and then you get that answer in a few years time. For myself, when you are inside a project, you cannot see the wood for the trees.

On whether or not Batman introduces any new Bat-gadgets this time out:

Of course he does. He always has to intro something. And truly, some of the most phenomenal things. You can’t really get away without having Batman not have a new gadget.

Bale also speaks about working with Chris Nolan again, the physical undertaking of making the movie, donning the famous Batman suit, and he also praises Tom Hardy's performance as Bane.

Who is your favorite actor to play Batman so far? (Don't forget about Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman on the animated series.)

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