INDIANA JONES Silhouette Art shows Awesome Untold Adventures!

Art Indiana Jones by Joey Paur

Here's a wonderfully cool series of Indiana Jones Geek Art created by artist Mathew Reynolds giving us a glimpse at some of the untold adventures from the badass archeologist! One of them even includes ninjas! Indiana Jones versus ninjas? Yes please! As I look at these images I think there should have been a lot more movies made based around this classic character. What makes these even more awesome is the fact that the artist included Short Round! It actually kind of sucks that we never saw Short Round show up in any other movies. 

Check out the series of art below and let us know what you think about them. I'm just curious to know how you would feel about an Indiana Jones TV series that told the stories of some untold Indiana Jones adventures. Of course it would be have to be without Harrison Ford. Who else do you think could pull it off? 

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