Dear Wizard World, What The $#@% Is Wrong With You?!

Rant by Mick Joest

Dear Wizard World,

You are making Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino into a comic book hero?! Let's try that're turning the secretly almost 40 year old member of The Jersey Shore...the most hated character on the show...the same dude who knocked himself out slamming his head into a wall. This guy right?

What exactly is heroic about The Situation? His respect for other women? His ability to get completely wasted? It must be his charm right? Is it this?

Sorry to say you made a bone headed move, but this is a "situation" not even Paul Jenkins can write his way out of. Granted The Situation would not be the first playboy hero to find redemption by becoming a hero...but let's face facts. How many superheroes have herpes? How many superheroes are paid not to endorse a certain line of clothing? What the $#@% is wrong with you?! Out of everyone you pick him?

I await the announcement of Super Snooki and the Raging Ronnie,

Robot Reagan

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