G.I. JOE: RETALIATION - Channing Tatum is the Real Reason Behind the Delay

I've already given you my own thoughts, speculations and rumors behind the nine month delay of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and it looks like some of those things discussed were right on. 

Paramount Pictures initially said the reason behind the last minute delay was to convert the film into 3D, but we aren't stupid. We all knew something bigger was happening behind the scenes. Hell, this was a last minute decision after that had already spent a hell of a lot of money on a Super Bowl ad, and were getting ready to start a marketing push on TV and outdoor ads. Then there's all the toys and other forms of merchandise that are now just sitting warehouses, some of which are probably even sitting on shelves.

Deadline also reveals that test scores from the test screenings were mediocre to bad. They also said that Tatum was the "only bright spot for audiences as a result of the G.I. Joe 2," and "the aborted relationship between Tatum and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson." Which is one of the reasons why they went back to do some more reshoots. A source told the site the following, “The 3D is an excuse as to not reveal the Tatum of it all.” 

So according to the studio insider here's what's actually going on behind the scenes of G.I. Joe: Retaliation...

This was a case of letting a schedule to fill a summer slot dictate the film not being in 3D even though we knew that would be the most commercial version of the film. Then in the spring there were 2 big events. First John Carter lost $200M despite the best efforts of the Pixar brain trust. But the 3D film managed to gross over $200M overseas, nearly tripling its U.S. take.

Also Channing Tatum had a breakout spring, starring in The Vow and 21 Jump Street. In our first screening of the film the reaction from audiences was good but with 2 big concerns: 1) They didn’t like the fact that Channing and The Rock really didn’t have any time to develop a friendship before Channing died, and 2) Why wasn’t it going to be in 3D? We went back and shot another week with Channing to develop more of his story with The Rock, which made the film play much better. But we didn’t have the time to be in 3D.

Then a week ago Battleship basically had the same performance as John Carter – $60M-$70M U.S. and just over $200M international. That was just a wake-up call that said to us we need to offer the best version of the film irrespective of summer market share to ensure the best possible performance. And not being in 3D will cost us a ton of business internationally.

So basically the poor performance of John Carter and Battleship freaked the studio out, and they want to put every bit of effort they possibly can into making this movie the best possible film for audiences. I guess they should be thankful they didn't cast Taylor Kitsch in the film.

I was getting very excited for the movie! But now that excitement is starting to fade away. It just sounds like there are too many crazy issues going on, and the 3D conversion doesn't help. What are your thoughts on the reasons given behind the delay of the film? Are you still excited about it? Or is the excitement slipping?

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