MASS EFFECT Character Hoodie Designs

Check out this incredibly cool series of Mass Effect character hoodie designs. These were created by DeviantArt artist Christine Schotty a.k.a. lupodirosso. After she created them she asked Bioware if they would actually produce the hoodies, and guess what? They agreed to do it! So you'll actually be able to purchase some of these at some point! Here's how that all went down....

I had a talk on the phone yesterday with a couple of people who are part of the team that make official mass effect apparel. they were really nice people, and I was a nervous wreck. XD it was agreed their designers will be taking on the hoodie project! chances are my hoodies are nowhere near the final product, afterall I’m no true designer and haven’t got the slightest idea what looks good on clothing and what doesnt. I just conceptualized the idea. they will be redesigning the hoodies, and will sell a few as a trial run, and if it goes well more hoodies will be added I’m sure. thus, the project so far I consider a success. in the end, it was all about making fun character hoodies that made me feel like my favorite mass effect character and all their memories were with me. afterall some characters in the bioware store have been restricted to one sex, when really both male and female characters are loved by both male and female fans. really I just wanted my tali clothing for mah womanly shape.

I'd love to get my hands on a few of these, so once they go on sale I'll be picking some up for myself! As of right now there's no word on when we'll see them, what designs we will see, or how much they will cost. Most of the designs shown though are awesome so I'm sure well be seeing some pretty slick hoodies. 

Click the image to enlarge. What do you think of the designs? 

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