OH HI! - Awkward Character Run-Ins

Artby Eli Reyes

Here's some great geek art from artist Berk Senturk which features some of the most awkward run-ins we'd ever get to see on the big-screen! Too bad we won't get to though. I'd say the mash-up/crossover with the biggest chance of coming to fruition would be Woody and Chucky for a Toy Story 4.

Hopefully when you look at these, you laugh and smile, which is the opposite feeling of when you have a true awkward run-in with say; someone you had a bad break up with, or someone you've fired or been fired by, or worst of all someone who wants you dead, who you run over with your car, only for both of you to end up tied up in some dude's basement... that would make for a good movie. 
I would love to see how these would play out in little animated shorts. Can you think of any other awkward crossovers that you'd like to see?


To check out all the awkward run-ins click here.


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