Why Star Wars Fans Should Thank Margaret Thatcher

Would it rock your world if I told you "May the 4th be with you" did not spring from the wit of any Star Wars fan? Believe it. The phrase commonly used to mark Star Wars day actually came from an ad placed in the London Evening News congratulating Margaret Thatcher on the day she was elected Britain's first female Prime Minister May 4th, 1979. It read...

 Congratulations Maggie, May the 4th be with you!

This wasn't the last mention of Star Wars in British politics, however. In fact, it was later brought up in Parliament due to a geeky researcher who nearly lost his job over it.

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. Geoffrey Lofthouse) : Order. I can assure the hon. Gentleman that that is not uncommon in this place, whatever is supposed to happen.

Mr. Cohen : Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker. If that point of order was an allusion to me, I can tell the hon. Gentleman that I was here for the opening speeches, and for some of the speeches that followed.

May the fourth is an appropriate date for a defence debate. My researcher, who is a bit of a wit, said that it should be called national star wars day. He was talking about the film "Star Wars" rather than President Reagan's defence fantasy, and he added, "May the fourth be with you." That is a very bad joke ; he deserves the sack for making it, but he is a good researcher.

So as you go about your business this Star Wars day, be sure to keep the Iron Jedi in your heart. Or is she more of a Sith? I really don't know about British politics.

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