KICK-ASS 2 Shooting This Summer?

Usually the movie updates surrounding the film Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Walls come from comic writer Mark Millar, who's known to get overly excited about his film projects and tends to jump the gun a lot. But today's update comes from comic artist John Romita Jr., who says that the sequel to the awesome Matthew Vaughn directed movie will start shooting this summer for a release date of May 2013! This is the complete opposite of what Millar and Screenwriter Jane Goldman recently said, saying that the film was not in active development. 

Romita told a fan in Las Vegas while signing autographs that "the deals have been signed and the production will ramp-up this Summer for a May 2013 release." There's no word on who is exactly signed on, we've heard no official announcement. There's a chance that Chloe Moretz may not return, as she's grown up quite a bit since the first film, and she's got a busy shooting schedule. She is shooting the Carrie horror remake in June and is also filming The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea sometime this year. But who knows, maybe she can fit in a little Kick-Ass action right after Carrie. I'd like her to come back and reprise her role, but in the end she may have outgrown the character. 

I imagine if this Kick-Ass 2 movie news is true, we'll hear an official announcement soon. There's always a chance that Romita was fed some unconfirmed information somewhere down the line. I guess we'll find out soon enough. Are you excited about seeing a sequel to Kick-Ass

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