STAR WARS Clocks Keep It Classy

Star Warsby Eli Reyes
I always thought the vehicles in the Star Wars universe were meant to destroy... or be destroyed!!!! But apparently, they can also help you keep time. Who knew? The next thing you're gonna tell me is that one day I'll be able to make calls from iPod. What's that? You can do that already? It's the year what now?! A what man is president?
The clock is a Sterling and Noble, obviously. And the Star Wars paraphernalia  is "12 AUTHENTIC vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine battleships and vessels." They're plastic, but through the magic of spray paint they're given that elegant pewter color. 
Each clock made by You gNeek, is just as the name sounds, unique. So if you order one of these bad boys be sure to specify which vehicles you want included on your clock. The Logo in the middle is optional. They run $99.
Click over to Etsy to pick one up.

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