Adam Sandler May Replace Mark Wahlberg in THREE MISSISSIPPI

One of the few times in their careers, Adam Sandler may take over a role for Mark WahlbergVulture reports that Sandler is in talks to star opposite Will Ferrell in Three Mississippi, a comedy about two rival families who have an annual tackle football game at Thanksgiving. The concept was created by Owen Burke and Adam McKay, who hoped to re-create the same banter between Alec Baldwin and Wahlberg from The Departed. Baldwin is on board to play the father in the film. 

Wahlberg has had to drop out to star in Peter Berg's next film Lone Survivor. After Battleship bombed at the box office, Universal would not fund Survivor unless a major star was on board to market it. Wahlberg is good at comedy, so it is a shame he won't be able to re-team with Ferrell. Sandler movies have been crap as of late, so this could be a wonderful pairing. Ferrell and Sandler together could be comedy genius. 

What do you think of this possible casting news? 
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