Astronauts to Get a Screening of THE AVENGERS in Space!

Marvel's The Avengers has been kicking ass and taking names here on Earth. But what about all those people not on solid ground, orbiting the Earth? When will they get their chance to watch the blockbuster? It's not usually fun n' games up in space for astronauts. It's bad enough they have to go to the bathroom into some kind of funnel contraption and the fact that they end up drinking their own recycled urine. They also haven't gotten to watch one of highest grossing films of all time! Talk about salt on a wound. 
Marvel Studios comes to the rescue! (Not on the toilet situation, they've still gotta live with that.) Marvel announced today that they have arranged with NASA to transfer a copy of The Avengers to NASA’s Mission Control in Houston, which will uplink the film to the International Space Station, currently orbiting 220 miles above Earth.
Marvel Studios' Co-President and Avengers Exec Producer Louis D'Esposito commented, saying:
"The studio is privileged to share 'Marvel’s The Avengers' with those up in space exploring the universe.  A special thanks goes to NASA for utilizing their incredible technology to make this special screening miles above us in space happen. It is a screening that would make Tony Stark envious.”
I think Stark would get over it pretty quick. The exclusive screening is also a bit of a token of thanks to NASA, who allowed Joss Whedon and his crew to shoot at the Space Power Facility at NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio during principal photography.


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