Fan Made DARK KNIGHT RISES Posters - Alfred and Gordon Get Some Love

Above and below you'll find some amazingly well done fan made posters for The Dark Knight Rises. At first glance I thought they were the real deal. I guess it's not super hard, some of the photoshopping on some of the official posters is pretty spotty. The best part of these fan made posters though tis that they show some love to the amazing supporting cast. Christopher Nolan always does a great job ofrounding out his cast with top-tier actors. In Batman Begins Christian Bale was almost the least known actor in that movie.
Check out the posters featuring Alfred (Michael Caine), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Deputy Commissioner Foley(Matthew Modine) and let us know what other supporting roles deserve their own posters.
Alfred and Gordon by Guilherme Zanettini.
Deputy Commissioner Foley by messenjahmatt.

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