Dear Stephen Stills, Prometheus Aside, You Deserve Some Props

Dear Mr. Stills,

I write to you today not because I just realized your first name is not Crosby, but because of the recent release of Prometheus. It was awesome, and having digested all parts of the film in full, I figured I would now take a moment to congratulate you. Few musicians have the honor of having a song remembered for 50 years, much less 121 years. It seems even in the year 2091 that if folks can't be with the ones they love, they "love the ones they're with."

To put it in perspective for you, if you subtract 121 years from 2012 and look at the amount of non patriotic songs in American culture still relevant in our culture, you will find but one shining example.

That's right. Take it in baby. You're the new "Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Yay." That's essentially the "Whoomp! There It Is" of the late 19th century! Sadly your ancestors will not be able to collect royalties past a certain point, which is a shame because at some point they'll have to hawk your accordion at a price seemingly appropriate to a space ship captain. So what's the good news? You can die knowing that even 100+ years later you're song gave a lowly ship captain the boldness to proposition a hot heiress to a multi billion dollar corporation and succeed.

And that's something to be proud of,

Robot Reagan


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