Is Bill Murray on Board with GHOSTBUSTERS 3?

You know the story of Bill Muarry and Ghostbusters 3. There's been talk of him being on and off the project for years. Recently, though, things have been looking up. Murray previously said that the film was a possibility for him, and when asked about it in a recent interview with David Letterman he said, "we'll try again." He didn't say, "they'll try again," he included himself in the mix, which could lead us to believe that he's actually going to be involved with the third Ghostbusters film! Here's what he had to say,

...You know, you just gotta have a really good script. It’s hard. Even the second ‘Ghostbusters’ wasn’t as much fun for me as the first one. It’s hard to make a sequel. It’s gotta be really funny, and that first one was just so darn funny.

Letterman pressed him a bit more and the actor said,

Well, I think … we’ll try again. I always drag my feet on it, but I think...

You think what!? Well, we'll never know because Letterman ended up cutting him off and not letting him finish his thought! Come on Letterman! It'd be great if Murray ended up actually doing the movie. If he does it, then you know that the script is going to be good, because it doesn't sound like he'd do it if it wasn't. If he doesn't end up doing the movie, then the movie shouldn't be made. 

The question is asked at the 2:01 mark in the video below for those of you who want to watch it. Do you have any new thoughts on this Ghostbusters 3 Billy Murray madness? 

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