Set Photos That Will Change How You See Movies

MoviePhotosby Joey Paur

Here's a very cool collection of set photos from various different movies we love that will change the way you see these scenes. I will warn you, these photos kind of do take the magic out of the movies, but it's still interesting to see how they filmed some of these shots!

The first picture above is obviously from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I love movie magic! What's your favorite movie magic moment? 


The set photo for this is actually creepier than the actual scene in the movie!


Meet Bolaji Badejo, the man inside the suit of the original 1979 Alien. According to IMDB's trivia section, he stands at 7' 2", and was not originally an actor, but a design student who was discovered at a bar. Ridley Scott wanted someone unusually tall so as to make the suspension of disbelief more natural, and Badejo fit the bill. Of note, is that this role seems to have been Badejo's only real stint in the acting world, and there is little to no information about his life after Alien (save for rumor) to be found on the internet.


Jurassic Park

Lord of the Rings


Star Wars


Blade Runner

This is just a funny Harrison Ford face.

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