The first trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 has been released, and it looks like we're in for one hell of a good season! I wonder how long they are going to keep this show going, because it seems to just keep getting better and better. The trailer you are about to watch was first shown at Disney's Hollywood Studios' Star Wars Weekends. The series' supervising director Dave Filoni had this to say...

There’s a lot of payoff coming. I think people are going to see ways 'The Clone Wars' ties together more and more with A New Hope. We’re setting up elements that eventually become the Empire.

This next season looks a bit darker and more epic than what we've seen in the past. If you haven't been watching this show, it's about time you start. Not only is is fun for kids, but any aged Star Wars fan could enjoy it. Check out the trailer for season five below, and you'll see what I mean.

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