THE AVENGERS Director's Cut Coming to Theaters in August!?

There's a rumor that's rapidly growing on the internet that Marvel Studios is going to release a three-hour director's cut of The Avengers in theaters this August! 

Joss Whedon may have already cut this longer version of the film for the upcoming Blu-ray, but by releasing that cut in theaters Marvel, Disney, and Paramount will be able to not only promote the Blu-ray, but they will make even more money at the box office! The Avengers currently sits in third place as one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Releasing a Director's Cut could give the movie the box office boost it needs to rise to the top!

Here are the numbers as they currently stand domestically:

Avatar - $760.5 

Titanic - $658.6 

The Avengers - $573.7 

The Dark Knight - $533.3 

The Phantom Menace - $474.5

If this is true, and they do release a Director's Cut of the film in theaters, I'd pay money to see it... wouldn't you?