ROCKSTAR Has a Creative Way for Dealing with MAX PAYNE 3 Cheaters

Rockstar Games is taking on Max Payne 3 multiplayer cheaters in a rather creative way. A bunch of you other developers out there should without a doubt take note of this.

In order to create a good environment for its dedicated players, they have decided to pair cheaters up with other cheaters in what they are calling a “cheater pool.” Yea, sounds weird at first, right? It’s actually pretty simple, and very funny. Basically, all cheaters will be placed in games with other cheaters so that they get a taste of their own medicine.

This doesn’t mean that there will be a big giant “cheat party” server or something. If you get caught violating the rules AGAIN on this new “cheater pool” server, you will get an indefinite banishment from the game.

In addition to this, Rockstar will be removing all invalid leaderboard entries to make sure that the only people at the top of this list are the ones who deserve to be there.

Now this is something I wish every company would do. How many times have you been in a Call of Duty lobby and thought that someone was cheating? Even now, there has been suspicion that cheating is taking place in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I seriously do not get the benefit cheating. You buy a game to challenge and entertain you. Where is the fun of constantly cheating just to see yourself at the top of the leaderboard? That gets old after a while.

If you happen to see anyone cheating while playing Max Payne 3, you can email Rockstar Games at and include the following:

  • Platform (PC, PS3 or Xbox 360)
  • Cheater’s Gamertag / ID
  • Description of the violation
  • If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot

Do you like Rockstar’s approach to the cheating epidemic?

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