Short Film THE GATE Gets Feature Length Adaptation

Movieby Ben Pearson

Deadline reports that the little-known company Wayfare Entertainment, responsible for the upcoming Sharlto Copley sci-fi thriller Europa, is financing and producing a feature length film adaptation of Matt Westrup's short film The Gate (which Venkman wrote about here last year).

The short has been compared to Alive in Joburg, Neill Blomkamp's mini-movie that spurred the Academy Award-nominated District 9. I can definitely see why the two are mentioned in the same breath, as The Gate works as a possible "what if" scenario involving misuse of pharmaceutical drugs, while Joburg was an allegory for apartheid in South Africa. Wayfare is still searching for a screenwriter for The Gate, and director Westrup is returning behind the camera for the feature.

"Our plan for The Gate was to always expand and build upon the world that I conceived for the 11 minute short,” Westrup said. “Wayfare Entertainment shares our vision in taking those themes and ideas, and adapting them into a sci-fi thriller that is driven by a grounded, sophisticated plot and intriguing character arcs.”

Here's the short again, so check it out for yourselves:

Are you interested in seeing a full-length movie based on The Gate?

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