Very Early Animation Tests for ROGER RABBIT

I love the art of animation, and this video gives us a rare look at a very early animation test for Roger Rabbit. I loved this movie, especially because it was able to take a ton of the classic animated characters and throw them into the same real world universe. It's cool to see how these characters were envisioned prior to the final designs. Roger doesn't look like anything he ended up being. The voice of Jessica Rabbit and Roger in the video were actually done by Pee-Wee Herman

Screen Crush points out a few interesting facts about the film such as they originally wanted Judge Doom to be the hunter that killed Bambi’s mother, and that Superman and Mighty Mouse were to team up at one point. That would have made for a really interesting flick, but I'm happy with what Robert Zemmekis ended up creating. Check out the pencil test below!

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