Colin Farrell Starring In Disney's SAVING MR. BANKS

Looks like Colin Farrell is going from kicking ass in the future to a family-friendly Disney drama. Deadline reports that the Total Recall star is in talks to join Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in the new Disney film Saving Mr. Banks, which is based on the real-life events surrounding the acquisition of the rights to Mary Poppins.

Directed by The Blind Side helmer John Lee Hooker, the story follows Walt Disney (Hanks) as he attempts to convince British author P.L. Travers (Thompson) to sell him the rights to make her beloved Mary Poppins story into a the classic we all know and love today. Here's the kicker, though: Farrell is going to play Travers' father. Yep, you read that correctly. He's the man who inspired the character of Mr. Banks, the lovable father figure in Mary Poppins.

It's unclear whether he'll appear in flashback form or if the production intends on using makeup to make him appear older than Thompson, but if they go the makeup route, let's hope it's as convincing as Ben Stiller's in the upcoming Walter Mitty remake.

What do you guys think? And while we're on the subject, what's your favorite Colin Farrell film? (Mine is In Bruges, no question.)

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