Post-Apocalyptic John Hughes Style Road Trip Movie is Coming

Real Steel director Shawn Levy will be producing a new film for Paramount Pictures called Monster Problems. The studio is currently in negotiations to acquire the spec script from Brian Duffield, who wrote the script for Natalie Portman's western genre film, Jane Got a Gun.

There aren't many story details, but the movie is described as a post-apocalyptic road trip movie in the vein of "Mad Max and Zombieland with a John Hughes-esque love story at its center." 

So that sounds interesting! I guess technically, Zombieland and Mad Max were post-apocalyptic road trip movies. The whole John Hughes inspiration should prove to be an interesting element of the story. Hollywood is funny with their movies sometimes. What do you think of this movie concept?

Thanks to Road Warrior for the images! It's the closest thing I could find to a post-apocalyptic road trip movie.

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