Hyundai's Zombie Survival Car For Comic Con Revealed

The first pictures of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's zombie survival vehicle have been released! The car is said to draw from Kirkman's decade of experience in zombies and supposedly optimal for defeating the undead. So why is it I feel there are some problems with the creation? Considering things we've seen thus far in AMC's The Walking Dead it seems Kirkman wasn't thinking this one entirely through so let me help him out.

  • The spikes on the bulldozer got to go. Bad ass as they may be, they'll gather quite a bit of bodies that will only block your view and eventually be forced to clean off, and chances are most of them will still be animated when doing so.
  • Spikes on the wheels? C'mon man. Most the roads we see in TWD are littered with cars. What seems like a cool idea for cutting legs going 80 down the interstate is frankly a pipedream that the universe you yourself created won't allow.
  • Two doors is a problem. There are very little instances in the show where we see two characters flying solo, and if we do, they usually pick someone up along the way. When the zombies come barreling down you don't want to be messing with pulling the seat up so that the unknown stranger you pick up can make their way to the back.
  • Assuming you last longer than a couple months in that car, how are you going to change the headlights? Let's not forget the battery draining and ultimately unneccessary spotlights on the top of the vehicle. Lose your battery in the middle of an attack and all you have is a well secured coffin.

That aside it does look pretty cool, and while a Hyundai may not provide the same amount of protection as say, a flat bed semi. I guess I can wait until the finished version premieres before I can judge it any further.

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