MORTAL KOMBAT Reboot - Interesting Plot Details Revealed

The director of the awesome Mortal Kombat web series, Kevin Tancharoen, is currently hard at work developing a feature film reboot of the franchise over at Warner Bros. There hasn't been a lot of information, but today some interesting story details have leaked out onto the web, giving us a better idea of what we can expect to see, and I didn't see it going in this direction.

According to Bloody-Disgusting the story "will follow a lowly unlucky supermarket employee who discovers that he has out of this world powers and must decide between good and evil, even though the evil side has helped him discover his true potential and who he really is."

It kind of has a hint of Army of Darkness in there doesn't it? A supermarket employee with the power of kicking ass. The actual game itself centers on the best fighters from around the world who are summoned to an island to compete in a tournament whose outcome will determine the fate of the entire planet.

What do you think of the first story details revealed for the movie?

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