Tyrant Talk Live! Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises, and Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Tyrant Talk Live! You know the drill...tonights topics revolve and or center around Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Show starts precisely at 10 EST and 7 PST and should run about 30 minutes. Feel free to talk the show or whatever with other tyrants by clicking the floating speech bubble on the side, and as always, your comments are appreciated!
If you miss or can't make the time no worries, the full video will be on the GT youtube later as well as a breakdown with timestamps for each conversation!
Next Tyrant Talk is scheduled for 10 P.M. EST This Thursday!
Django Unchained 0:00-7:34

DiCaprio as a villain?- 7:3511:58

Dark Knight- 11:59-20:45

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter- 20:4624:26

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