TDKR Scene Compilation from Trailers Poses Some Interesting Questions

So we've been doing some speculating and digging through the numerous trailers of The Dark Knight Rises,and a couple things popped out at us that we found interesting. Let's just state right here that these compilations are merely just theories based off similarities between shots and parts of what we've seen so far. 


We're guessing this fight sequence that we've seen so much throughout the trailers is one of the first fights between Batman and Bane, and that it goes down in the Batcave. We've seen many shots in the trailers of Wayne Manor getting raided and smashed to bits, so maybe in the midst of all that Bane's party manages to find their way down to the Batcave. While there will be no back-breaking action this time around, looks like this will be the fight where Bane breaks Bruce's leg. This would explain the cane seen in other trailers, as well as the dialogue between the two shown above. 

Feeling pretty solid on this theory, although there is a wild card to all this that was revealed in the trailer released today.

Gordon Thrown Off A Ledge In Batcave?

Now we don't really know if this is the Batcave, but the scenery looks very similar. The more interesting question to ask is whether this happens shortly before the fight, after, or at an entirely different point in the film. The answer could really answer some questions as to the commissioners fate in the film.

Facial Hair With Cane/Facial Hair Without Cane

Both scenes feature Wayne favoring his leg, yet he's bitter and hairy in one, joking and clean shaven in the other. This must be the "retirement" phase in the film. While the second picture likely takes place before Batman gets his swagger back, it illustrates another theory we have about...

The Jail Scenes

Full beard, same outfit. Clearly Bats is a prisoner here, but when exactly? We have not seen a bearded Batman in any of the trailers, nor have we seen this look in any of the sequences seen since. Even more interesting it seems that in the recent trailer, Wayne seems to get a bit of hair growth. Could this entire sequence be a flashback pointing to The League of Shadows? Maybe this is where we will see Liam Neeson? Like we said it's all speculation but it does get us thinking. Got your own thoughts? Theories? Explanations? Share them below!

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