Best Dad Ever Builds AT-AT Loft Bed For His Son

Star Warsby Eli Reyes


To this day, even as a grown man, whenever I see a race car bed in a T.V. show or a movie I still think to myself, "That would be so cool!." That arcade bed in Problem Child 2 freakin' blew my mind. Well, Derek Dutilly's four year-old son is living the dream. His dad just built him a loft bed that puts any race car bed to shame.
After 61/2 weeks of work, the AT-AT bed is fully operational. It comes complete with Entry/Exit Stairs, that double as a secret stash compartment that would make Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon proud. We salute you Derek. Keep up the good work training your padawan learner... just don't put braids in his hair.

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