WORLD WAR Z Needs 7 Weeks of Reshoots

World War Z has already been pushed back from December 21, 2012 to June 21, 2013, and now it is headed for reshoots. Directors often get into the editing room and realize that they need more shots, so reshoots are common. The Daily Mail is reporting that World War Z is facing 7 weeks of reshoots, which is substantial. Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) is directing the Brad Pitt-starrer based on Max Brooks' book. Filming wrapped months ago, and the crew is headed back to Budapest for seven more weeks. 

John Carter was a disaster, but only had 18 days of reshoots. Things are not looking too good for the film. Keanu Reeves' 47 Ronin has been pushed back because of reshoots, and a new director possibly being brought in to take over for Carl Erik Rinsch. When millions of dollars are at stake on movies, I can not blame execs wanting to cover their asses. 

How do you think World War Z will perform?

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