Watch THE REAL GOODFELLA - Doc About the Late Henry Hill

MovieVideosby Eli Reyes


As you probably know, former gangster-turned-mob informant Henry Hill passed away last Tuesday. His life was depicted in Martin Scorsese's classic film Goodfellas, arguably the most realistic film depiction of life in the mafia. This 2006 documentary takes us into Hill's life using in depth interviews with Hill and FBI agents, and takes us into the film Goodfellas with Scorsese discussing decisions he made on the portrayal of key events in Hill's life, and how they compare to the actual events that took place.
This is a very interesting documentary that you can watch in its entirety below. It runs about 47 minutes. The really interesting stuff for me kicks in at the 32 minute mark, where the events of Goodfellas end and we're taken into the next 25 years of Hill continuing to run for his life; adjusting to life in the witness protection program; and how "a man who lived by a code and broke it" copes with the people who threaten his life, himself included.
This doc has tons of language (every other word Hill says is the F-word), some pics of real murder scenes, and a narrator who says "mafia" super funny... be warned. 


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