With New Movie, Star Trek Ties for Second Most Films in Franchise

I was browsing through The Numbers today and came upon the list for most films in a franchise, and was surprised to learn Star Trek is one film away tying for second. After Star Trek 2, the franchise will share the title alongside Jason Voorhees and the Friday The 13th installments. Impressive as 12 installments for each series is, it still won't be enough to take down the champ, which will soon reach 24 films with Skyfall. That's right, James Bond holds the record with the most installments in a franchise, with double the films of the number two spot.

Other films on the list included Harry Potter, Batman, and Star Wars all tied with 8 movies, Planet of The Apes right behind them with 7, and Alien and George Romero's Dead Series with 6 respectively. You can check the list out here, and spoiler alert, you'll see a majority of these sequels are geeky films.


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