Dear Netflix, I'm Mad as Hell at You Jive Turkeys!

Dear Netflix,

I don't know when, how, or for what reason you removed Black Dynamite from your instant queue...but that s*** best be remedied. Perhaps you're unfamiliar as I doubt your executives watch every movie that comes down the pipeline, and admittedly the world overlooked the 2009 parody blaxploitation film starring Michael Jai White. I'm here to say, the world f***** up. So I'm gonna tell you a story, about a mean motherf*****, a superman. I'm gonna tell you a story about Black Dynamite.

What doesn't this movie have? A black belt in seven karate styles, and winner of 26 martial arts titles, and spot on comedic timing, MJW is the man in this movie. Let's not leave out the numerous cameos ranging from Brian Mcknight to the elusive Arsenio Hall, all who deliver great one-liners faster than you can say "Chocolate Giddy-Up" or "Captain Kangaroo Pimp." I've seen the film 10 times, and I still laugh out loud at the jokes in that movie. It's action packed, tongue in cheek, and entertaining in a way most parody films aren't.

Let's not leave out the fact that they are premiering their animated series in less than a month on Adult Swim, which includes the original cast, and is being produced under the watchful eye of Brian Ash (Boondocks) so you know it's going to be great. Point is, BD is a cult comedy and you really are doing a disservice to one of the most underrated comedies of our era. So put it back on...or I'll send you back to Crenshaw Pete.

Would you like that?

Robot Reagan

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