Michael Jackson Could Have Been An Alien

On the anniversary of his death we here at Geektyrant look into one of the oddest long held celebrity conspiracy theories there has been. While some walk around claiming Elvis and Tupac are still alive, or that Kurt Cobain's suicide was an apparent homicide, there are many who jokingly (albeit some serious) believe Michael Jackson was an alien. Yes the guys at Robot Chicken were not the first to tackle this theory, but many people on the web have found connections that the King of Pop's title may have been more intergalactic than worldly.

Take this guy, for example, who astutely pointed out Jackson's seemingly inhuman breakdown of his features, his atmospheric tent he commonly slept in, his love of the movie E.T. and his odd disconnection with society backed up by Rashida Jones. Could Jacksons mid life transformation be a result of his body returning to original form? These folks sure would be convinced.

Would it be easy to believe that one of the most successful pop stars of our era could have been an extraterrestrial sent to teach us about love and unity? Of course it is.

It's just about as easy as it is to dismiss the whole thing as bull**** and concede that Michael Jackson was just an incredibly successful star from a young age who lived a life none of us can even begin to understand. For all intents and purposes, his life was "alien" and very few in the history of humanity will have the opportunity to experience a life with his level of success, media attention, and following throughout their entire lives. That being said, I can't help but feel a level of pity for his fate and the life he had, and alien or not, hope that one day, he will be remembered throughout the galaxy.

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