A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD - Set Videos with Bruce Willis

I'm hoping this fifth film in the Die Hard franchise ends up being a badass movie. The last movie wasn't as awesome as it should have been, and if you remember it had a PG-13 rating. I imagine the studio is planning on doing the same thing with A Good Day to Die Hard. I think it's funny that a hard 'R' action franchise has been reduced to a PG-13 property so that younger teens, who have probably already watched the original 'R' rated movies anyway, will be able to see a watered down John McClane in theaters. I guess we can hope that it gets an 'R' rating, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Die Hard 5 is currenty shooting in Budapest, Hungary, and we have a video from the set showing Bruce Willis doing his thing. 

The first take was a car chase under the Erzsébet bridge, where a Mercedes van pursued by a military vehicle. Bruce Willis was not present at this scene, but he participated in the next one at Madách square.

"John McClane" arrived with a black Mercedes SUV at quarter to six. There were some fans in the Rumbach Sebestyén street, but Bruce Willis went straight to his mobile home to change.

A few minutes later he showed up again with his make up guy. Bruce Willis loosely walked into the set which was in front of Örkény István theatre.

In this scene Willis and another actor crawled out from a huge container. Willis's head was bleeding, while huge explosions occurred, firefighters, ambulance men and callboys were running around. Some say, that in the movie a chopper will crash into a construction site and that causes the panic.

The shooting only took an hour, when they finished, Willis immediately left the set. He went back to his mobile home, and then he said good bye to his fans.

Check out the set video, and let us know if you think there's a chance this new Die Hard movie will get an 'R' rating.

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