Dutch Company Plans for Human Colony on Mars by 2023

Videos by Mick Joest

The Dutch are attempting to be the first to colonize Mars with this newly announced project titled Mars One. Not only do team leaders Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders promise to have the first human colony on the red planet in thirteen years, but they also intend to profit off of it. Their logic? The first human colony on Mars would be a media spectacle for all to see, and what better way for them to watch than through a reality tv show? That's right, you could follow Earth's first pioneers as they are the first to travel to another planet, kind of like the pioneers of our country when they headed out West?

Wait...wasn't that ripe with illness, death, and danger? While moving out west back in the day was incredibly risky, it doesn't hold a candle to what our first space travelers will undergo in this initiative. Robots will be sent out years in advance to prepare living arrangements for our travelers. Once complete 4 astronauts will be selected to emigrate to Mars permanently. Yes that's right, permanently.

Once on the planet, it will take another two years for two more people to show up, and so on and so forth, once again, with no option to return home. No doctors, no true oxygen, no entertainment, no way of life as we know it here, and a complete reliance on your life support to last at least two years between travellers. With so much that can go wrong, a life detached from society, and no way to reap the undoubted fame that awaited you back on Earth (as you can never return), I couldn't see myself taking the risk to leave my life in order to be a part of history. Can you?

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