PROMETHEUS Viral Video - Weyland Recruiting at Comic-Con

Even though the movie has already been released, the viral marketing for Prometheus continues. A new video and website has launched, saying that Weyland Industries will be recruiting at Comic-Con 2012, which launches in a couple of weeks!

The site says that more details will be coming soon. As for the video, it features one of the companies employees named Jamie Rossi, who is a nanotechnologist in the biomedical field office located on Luna. She basically talks about how awesome her job is, and there are a few clips from Prometheus thrown in. 

If you're heading out to Comic-Con this year, it looks like you'll have a chance to join Weyland Industries. It will be interesting to see what this viral marketing all leads up to, I imagine it will continue through the released of the DVD/Blu-ray. 

Comic-Con takes place from July 11th to July 15th, and we'll see you there! If you're going, that is.

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