The Fate of Tony Stark's Home in IRON MAN 3

I wouldn't worry too much, 'cuz my guess is this has a high chance of getting revealed in a future trailer, but this could be considered spoiler territory, be warned I guess? Just read it, c'mon.

It looks like Tony Stark may have to say goodbye to that awesome view... not of the hot girl, let's face it, he can get an "interview" with Leslie Bibb's character anytime he wants. After a set visit peek at "a large set on mechanical stilts in one of their bigger stages precariously close to a large under-water tank used for submerged filming," our friends at LatinoReview confirm that Stark's seaside view will be more of a 'sea-in' view by the end of Iron Man 3.
Someone got a little smartphone happy and this picture showed up on Reddit that shows part of the Stark Mansion set on mechanical stilts to elevate it from the floor. 


A source LatinoReview is calling M.O.D.O.S says,

After the leaked set construction photo that appeared on the “Reddit” website comes word that the set is actually built on a very sophisticated gimbals system. This is a set up for total destruction. How do you fight a super hero? Hit him in the most sacred place….his home… villains of Iron Man 3 hit Tony Stark and hit him hard enough for his mansion to fall into the Pacific ocean.

Location, location, location. We saw Iron Man doing some underwater work in The Avengers, and he did quite the damage himself on his own house in Iron Man 2, so I don't think repairing it (or replacing it) would be too hard. Oh, yeah, and he's a billionaire!!! But this amps up the drama in the story with villains bringing the battle right to Tony's door step, a risk he took when he revealed to the world that he is Iron Man. We've seen this situation in Batman films, upcoming and of the past, as well as with Superman. It never fares well in the end for the villain.

If you were Tony Stark in this situation, what items would you grab from your house? 

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