Why You Should Be Afraid That This Robot Can't Lose Rock Paper Scissors

RantVideosby Mick Joest

The Japanese, with their typical awesome handle of the world on the world of robotics, have stunned the world yet again with this new creation featured on dvice. Using an ultra sensor and hand movement recognition, this robot can see any human's movement in Rock, Paper, Scissors (Janken in Japan) milliseconds before and defeat it with a counter.

Pretty basic demonstration to start, but this can open the gateway to something much larger. Imagine if all robots had the technology to predict human movement with 100% accuracy. Humans would stand no chance on a physical level any longer. If you're having trouble visualizing, I think this does a pretty solid job.

Seriously, you'd be getting Ip man'ned like no one's business! Although it would be an awesome display of some real life superhero moves. Robot protectors with this technology would make an all too entirely awesome police force, but at what cost?

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