ANT-MAN being Directed by Edgar Wright - Test Footage Shot!

There's a lot of Marvel news that hit today! First we found out Marvel was developing a Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie for 2014. Then we found that Disney was looking to get started on their first Marvel animated film Big Hero 6. Now we've learned that Edgar Wright will be directing Marvel's Ant-Man movie, and that he's already shot some test footage for it! 

This really isn't that shocking as he's already co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish. The test footage that was shot will be used to prove to the studio that Wright will be able to effectively pull off whatever it is he has written down in the script so that they give it the green light and put it into production.

They were most likely testing out how the the size variations of the main character Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man would be handled in the movie. Pym is a scientist who found a way to alter his size. He then used a helmet to control armies of ants, and fight evil.

Both Wright and Marvel president Kevin Feige have said in recent interviews that this film project was moving forward, and that it's closer than it's ever been to being in production. Chance are, this isn't one of the two Marvel movies that they studio has secretly been working on as it hasn't been given an official green light yet. This is one of those Marvel film that is just going to be an added bonus. The other Marvel movie has been reported as being Black Panther

I'm sure Marvel will set the record straight at Comic-Con. It would be so cool if they actually ended up showing the Ant-Man test footage they shot! Why wouldn't they!? The fans would love them for it! Imagine Feige getting up on stage and saying to the crowed... "Who wants to see some Ant-man footage directed by Edgar Wright!?" The crowed would go nuts! Let's hope that happens.

I don't think any of you have issues with Wright directing Ant-Man, so who would you like to see take on the role of Ant-Man, and keep in mind that Nathan Fillion has said that he's not interested. 

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