DISHONORED - Devs Show How To Be Sneaky and Stabby

Arkane's newest game is looking to be the murder-simulator of the year, in my opinion. I'm pretty excited for Dishonored and not because of the sheer amounts of violence, but for the story. The steampunk setting is also very enticing and I am curious to see how far they take that theme.

Arkane released the videos below in which they play through the "Golden Cat" mission in two different ways. The idea of the game is to give you a large array of options to complete your objective. Many have (including myself) compared this to a first-person Assassin's Creed or a first-person Hitman. Options are important these days in the gaming world, so, I hope it plays out.

Here is the sneaky way:

Here is the stabby way:

Sneaky or stabby, how will you play?

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