THE AVENGERS Reimagined as Sailor Scouts

Here's a fun series of geek art that re-imagines The Avengers as Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. I don't know much about Sailor Moon, but I do know a few people obsessed with them. These designs created by Ann Marcellino gives us a look what an all female Avengers team might look like. This is a solid mash-up of the two worlds. Check them out and let us know if you like this character design series!

This is what I think of when you say Super Soldier.

Two words I didn’t think I’d ever put together… Sailor Hulk.

Snatching up your star seeds, Sailor Loki.

Sailor Black Widow had to bedazzle her gun before joining the Sailor Avengers.

The sassy one, Sailor Iron man.


Sailor Hawkeye, not to be confused with Hawk’s Eye.

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