CATCHING FIRE - Zoe Aggeliki in Talks To Play Johanna Mason

Looks like model/actress Zoe Aggeliki has edged out Mia Wasikowska and Jenna Malone for the role of Johanna Mason in The Hunger: Games Catching Fire. The character is a deceptive, ruthless, ax-welding Hunger Games winner that will be once again called into battle.  

Lionsgate is officially in "serious talks" with the actress, and she will most likely end up landing the role. I have no idea how good of an actress she is, but she's definitely the best looking of the three choices. She has parts in the upcoming films R.I.P.D. and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters. Catching Fire will probably end up launching her career to a new level. 

Here's some more information on the character:

Johanna Mason is the female victor of an unidentified Games fromDistrict 7. She also gets reaped for the third Quarter Quell. She was one of the youngest tributes in the Quarter Quell. She is the last living female victor of District 7, whose principal industry is lumber.

In her original Hunger Games, Johanna pretended to be a weakling, feigning hunger and fatigue, when in reality she was sly and cunning, described by Katniss as having a "wicked ability to murder". Johanna is proficient with axes, as she comes from District 7, where the main industry is lumber. It is hinted in Catching Fire that all of Johanna's loved ones were killed by President Snow and the Capitol after her Games, as she tells Katniss that there is "no one left [she] loves." This is then confirmed in Mockingjay by Finnick Odair.

Do you think Aggeliki is a good choice to play the character? Here's a physical description of the character...

Johanna is described as having wide-set brown eyes. In Catching Fire, Johanna has spiky brown hair. In Mockingjay, she returns from the Capitol with a shaved head after being tortured by them but eventually grows pieces of her hair back, where the perspiration from her forehead made her hair form spikes. She is also very muscular and tan.

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