Dear Joseph Kosinski, Soundtrack My Life

Dear Joseph Kosinski,

The word is out on you enlisting the help of M83 for your upcoming feature Oblivion, and I could not be happier. As far as directors matching sound to film, you've proven in Tron and a couple old Xbox 360 commercials you are the creme de la creme of good taste. Seriously, I still remember that Gears of War  commercial you did with Gary Jules back in the day. Great stuff.

It was you that brought to my attention that Daft Punk had a fan base outside of geeks and the French, and practically made that movie for me. Enough hero worship. Let's cut to the chase. I want you to soundtrack my life. I'm talking from the time my eyes open to when my head hits the pillow I want tunes you selected following me throughout my day. I can't promise my lifestyle can keep up with the pace of your films as I am not apt to ride motorcycles or base jump corporate establishments, but I can run about a minute without getting too winded, and I can give a penetrating stare like no one's business. No pressure, as I understand you are a busy man, so just get back to me at your leisure. Luckily I got the Tron remix album to hold me over until you take over.

P.S.- It may not be a bad idea to hit up M83 to do an alternate soundtrack for Tron.

Super stoked,

Robot Reagan