Comic Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #10


Its time for another review of Justice League #10, Part 2 of The Villain’s Journey. Graves makes his move to attack the JLA. Will he sink or swim? Do his powers suck or rock? Let’s find out.

Steve Trevor, still in rough shape after his interrogation by Graves, tries to escape. But he gets a taste of Graves’s actual powers. First Wonder Woman doesn’t return his feelings, now this? Poor Steve might want to consider a career change!

After seeing Aquaman getting a small flashback to his pre-King of the Ocean days, Batman summons the JLA up to the Watchtower for a chat. It seems that a growing number of the JLA members’ solo baddies are getting taken out and interrogated by a cheeky fellow named Graves. Remember him from the past few issues ranting on about how he hates the JLA and such? Yeah, that loony toon.  Flash, like all of us, sees having the enemy of his enemies take them down as a good thing.  But Cyborg and the others see this logically as Graves compiling and finding out more than he should about the Justice Leaguers.

Its then that Graves, using Steve Trevor’s access code to the Watchtower, makes his full appearance.  Let’s just say a rumble of sorts happens and its rather one-sided. Take a wild guess who won?

Graves’s powers are much, much different than I expected and actually kind of cool. We finally see how he got his abilities and current Voldemort cosplay look via flashbacks interspersed throughout the issue. His master plan? To expose the JLA as lying liars who are false gods. Not quite on the level of say a Thanos, but I'll take it.

Oh, and Graves also blames the JLA for killing his family as well. Eesh. Did they steal his subway monthly pass, too? I’m sure this will all get explained sometime in the future.

Also, we get another Shazam short. Billy Batson acts like an ass and goes to see a lion at the zoon with one of his foster mates. Seriously, that’s the gist of that story.

Meanwhile, the archeologist who got zapped by lightning last issue seems to have something far worse than Billy Batson’s rotten attitude. It starts with a B and ends with a LACK ADAM.

Graves made a big impression. I like his powers, though I wish it had been a little more of a fight and not just Graves mopping the floor with the Superman and crew. His first showdown with the Justice League just reeked of the Worf Effect to me.

As for Shazam, I’m over it. Billy Batson is an annoying little asshole who shows next to no progress each issue. I’m not asking for a personality transplant here (though it wouldn’t be minded), but its the same petulant little attitude each issue. Can’t really get behind a character like that who’s a dick to everyone, even those trying to reach out to him. Again, I’m over it.

Looking forward to what Graves plans to do next. Till next time, folks!


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