Awesome Live-Action Trailer for the Mech Combat Game HAWKEN

Check out this incredibly cool live-action trailer for the video game Hawken. Even if you don't know what Hawken is, you should still watch this! This is the first of a series of digital shorts that we will see. They were directed by Gears of War creative director Jeremiah O'Flaherty. There's some great designs and it's a solid combination of live-action and CGI. I love how the mech armor was done.

Hawken is a mech-based first-person shooter. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic human-colonized planet industrialized to the point of collapse, in which the hunt for resources has become a battle for survival. Four game modes are planned for release: team deathmatch, free-for-all deathmatch, "siege" and another yet-specified unique team game mode; Khang Le has said that they also want to do a co-op"Horde" game mode, resource- and time-permitting. Seven to eight unique maps have been planned for the game on release, with plans to provide additional downloadable content afterwards. There will be three different mech types: a light type, a heavy type, and an all-around type.

This is a free-to-play FPS mech combat game scheduled for launch on 12.12.12. It is the first title to come from indie developer, Adhesive Games, and publisher, Meteor Entertainment.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if this looks like something you'd like to see on the big screen!

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