Samuel L. Jackson Joins MGM's ROBOCOP Remake

Looks like we're about to see an on-screen team-up of two of the most successful actors of all time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Samuel L. Jackson is joining the recently-announced Gary Oldman in Elite Squad director Jose Padilha's upcoming remake of Robocop. The two shared the screen once before in Tony Scott's True Romance.

Oldman plays a scientist who creates the titular cyborg creation from the body of gunned-down cop Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), and Jackson is playing a "charismatic TV host" named Pat Novak who is "a powerful force in the Robocop world." Sounds like perfect casting to me; Jackson is almost always great when he's required to use that booming voice of his - see Pulp Fiction if for some strange reason you haven't already - and we're willing to let his overly melodramatic performance as The Octopus in Frank Miller's The Spirit slide...this time.

Padilha seems like a great fit for the material, and filming on the new Robocop starts in September with a release date being eyed for summer of 2013.

What is your favorite Samuel L. Jackson performance?

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