WONDER WOMAN Movie Lands a Screenwriter

Movie Wonder Woman by Joey Paur

Yesterday we learned that Warner Bros. was moving forward with a Justice League movie, and that they hired Gangster Squad screenwriter Will Beall to write the script. That same report from Variety also mentioned that the studio hired another screenwriter to take a crack at a Wonder Woman movie. That writer is Michael Goldenberg, who also worked on Green Lantern, so that doesn't spark any confidence. The script for Green Lantern sucked, but he's also working on the sequel for that as well. 

Wonder Woman is also a property that the WB is kicking their own ass over as Joss Whedon was working on the film at one point, and they ended up not following through with it. The studios just seemed to lack faith in Whedon until Marvel gave him a shot with The Avengers. He showed the world the badassness he brings to the table. 

At this point the one thing DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. has over Marvel is their animated movies. I wish to hell Marvel would do more of those, but DC is blowing that shit up. They also have the Batman movies, but who knows what's going to happen after Nolan leaves behind the franchise and they put it in the hands of someone else for a reboot. 

Hopefully these DC properties that WB is planning to bring to the big screen and up getting decent adaptations, because if they turn out anything like The Green Lantern did that's not good. Do you think DC and WB can pull it together and make some more good DC movies?

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