STAR TREK 2 - Damon Lindelof Discusses 3D

In a recent interview with Trek Movie, screenwriter Damon Lindelof talked about the highly anticipated Star Trek 2 and explains to us why the 3D element is going to be awesome. If if you forgot that Star Trek 2 was being shot in 3D, consider yourself reminded.

We wanted to tell the story that we wanted to tell and we have already talked about the idea that all of us were a little bit cynical about doing the movie in 3D and then they set up a test at Bad Robot where they took footage from the first movie – the sequence when the Enterprise drops out of warp and they come upon all the federation vessels destroyed by the Narada and they are doing evasive maneuvers – and we just looked at each other after and said "that was kind of awesome." We are now – I wouldn’t say converts – but I don’t think this is going to hurt the movie. If people want to see it in 3D, they will get their money’s worth. And in terms of actual production, JJ shot the movie exactly the way he wanted to shoot it. And when you are doing this process, as opposed to a standard conversion, after every single set up – not just every scene but every angle – we had to do a 3D pass where you clear the set of the actors and the camera has to do the same moves so the guys doing the conversion can map accordingly and that will provide a much better 3D experience for the audience.

But again, our job was to just make an awesome movie and to care about the characters and again do service to this amazing baton that has been passed to us and that we take incredibly seriously and treat with a great deal of reverence. So the 3D decision was more along the lines of like "are we going to screw up Trek by doing this movie in 3D or is Trek ready for 3D?" Hopefully it is the latter. Based on the dailies that I have seen, I think JJ pulled it off.

I'm not the biggest fan of 3D, especially if it sucks. But I'll be honest... I'd love to see the scene Lindelof described above in 3D, because it does sound like it could be pretty freakin' cool. That being said, I'm a bit more excited about seeing the sequel to Star Trek in 3D, because there's a lot of stuff that will look awesome. Lindelof also goes on to talk about the possibility of returning to help write the third film. 

It would be very hard to not be involved in Trek moving forward. We certainly don’t feel that a third movie is a foregone conclusion. Hopefully the second movie turns out well and we are really happy about everything so far. So three movies, again not to do everything that Christopher Nolan does, but if you do it right it’s a good model. But that idea, whether you want to call it a trilogy or not, although I reserve the right to when we are talking four years from now to say "this is the third movie in our trilogy," but it does feel that three movies is the right responsibility for us to have the baton for before we then pass it off to the people who are take Trek to wherever they want to take it. So if this movie turns out well, would I be writing on the third movie? Who knows? But, we did talk a lot in the writing of this movie and during production about what the next movie might be and started getting excited about some of the ideas, so it would be hard to say no to that. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

I suggest you head on over to TrekMovie to read the rest of the interview.

I'm extremely excited about what Abrams and the rest of the Star Trek team are going to deliver. The first movie was pretty damn awesome, and I can only imagine the sequel is going to be even better. The Star Trek sequel will be released on May 17th, 2013.

What do you think about Lindelof had to say about the 3D element? Are you on board?

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