THE TWILIGHT ZONE Movie Gets a New Screenwriter

Let Me In director Matt Reeves is currently developing a big screen adaptation of The Twilight Zone for Warner Bros. Apparently they still don't have the script they want, so they've hired Jobey Jarrold to rewrite the script which has already been worked on by Jason Rothenberg and Anthony Peckham.

Jarrold previously wrote and directed the movie Awake and has been working on a couple of other big studio projects, such as Doug Liman's All You Need Is Kill, and Brian De Palma's The Key Man.

Jarrold doesn't have an easy job with The Twilight Zone, he needs to take several of the Twilight Zone stories created by the great Rod Serling, and turn them into one single coherent narrative. This movie isn't going to be an anthology movie like the first one, so this movie could go anywhere and might end up with a ton of Twilight Zone elements which will make things interesting. It'd be cool to see William Shatner star in the film.

The Twilight Zone is being produced by Appian Way and Leonardo DiCaprio.

I'm a huge fan of The Twilight Zone series, they are timeless classics that literally set the standard for awesome sci-fi and supernatural storytelling. I really hope this movie does a great job at paying tribute to what Serling created. Do you think Reeve's will do a good job bring the movie to life? What Twilight Zone elements would you like to see make it in the movie?

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