IRON MAN 3 - The Iron Patriot Is Actually War Machine!

Last month some set photos leaked from Shane Black's Iron Man 3, leading everyone to believe that the Iron Patriot would be in the movie, but don't let the red, white, and blue suit of armor fool you. This is actually War Machine, and under the helmet we'll find Don Cheadle as Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes. Of course in the movie, they will be calling War Machine Iron Patriot, it's just not at all related to the Iron Patriot in the comic. 

The confirmation comes from our friends at Latino Review, who see the clearly visible white guy in the photos we've seen is just a stunt double, and it's not actor James Badge Dale as previously believed. So War Machine gets a patriotic new makeover, which makes more sense than what we thought was going on. What do you think about War Machine's new suit? 

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