Warner Bros. Developing Even More DC Superhero Movies!

It was recently announced that Warner Bros. was moving forward with Justice League and a Wonder Woman movie. They've hired Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall to write Justice League and Green Lantern scribe Michael Goldenberg to take on Wonder Woman. Of course, this all happened after The Avengers blew up the box office. Warner Bros. wants some more of that superhero money action.

They've got the last Christopher Nolan directed Batman film The Dark Knight Rises coming out this summer and Man of Steel coming out next year. Both of those should do very well. There's already been talk of rebooting the Batman series, but it looks like the studio is ready to go crazy with some of DC Comics' other superhero properties, and it's about time. 

Variety reports that The Flash, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Lobo, The Suicide Squad, and Shazam are all currently in active development at the studio. These are films that we've been hearing about over the last several years, so I guess it's not really new. I guess what's new about it is the studio is actually now starting to get serious about getting them up on the big screen. They are also in the process of deciding whether or not to bring back Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, or if they want to completely reboot the character to give it a fresh start, as the first movie they made sucked. 

I don't think Warner Bros. will ever do a combined movie universe like Marvel has done, but it doesn't mean they can't make successfully awesome comic book movies. They just need to find the right talent to develop the movies, and it sounds like this is something they now understand. According to sources within the studio, it has "learned that when making a superhero pic, it needs to tap creatives that genuinely understand the characters the way Joss Whedon was comfortable with The Avengers."

It looks like Nolan is going to have a hand in producing all of these DC superhero movies from here on out, which is great! Much in the same way David Heyman produced all of the Harry Potter movies, Nolan could produce all of the DC movies. As you know, Nolan is a producer on Man of Steel, and according to Variety the WB "has increasingly put more control of its DC films in Nolan's hands." Putting Nolan in charge of these films is the best possible thing the studio can do, because if anyone can help guide these movies in the right direction, it's him.

I'm pretty sure we'll start seeing more news on these film projects once The Dark Knight Rises is released and makes tons of money. What do you think about the studio wanting to put Nolan in charge of the DC universe? Do you think Nolan will take on that responsibility?

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